March 31, 2015


The weather of these days is so unpredictable here in my hometown, it's so damn hot in at day noon and suddenly becomes gloomy in the afternoon, nothing happens it becomes a sudden sweaty evening then becomes rainy at night. I don't know exactly why they weather can be so confusing like this.
Why I prefer to give "Unpredictable" title above? Because I'm gonna write about some unpredictable things here in my post, the unpredictable thing that sometimes make me confused, just like the weather I told you before.

Girls and women are those creatures who mostly use their feeling to face anything, what people always wonder is "do they have logic in their head?" Same like me, I'm a woman and I can't lie that I'm one of those women who probably doesn't have logic inside.
I always think for many times and ask myself "where is my logic? why should I face it by feeling?" keep asking that questions, but never find the answer.

Someone taught me to use the principle of 50:50, it means that we have 100% choices; 50% feeling and 50% logic, keep it balance to make a better life. 
I do know that all people; men and women are created with the same basic thing, so it is impossible that we (women) don't have any logic inside, it may depend on the way our environment raises us.

Even I don't know how to get my logic back, it's unpredictable thing that makes me confused and keeps asking myself all the time. So you guys, for all girls and women, please don't believe that we are weak, we just sometimes lose our logic because we have a bigger heart, but please don't forget to bring your logic!

Here I post a picture of my best girl and I, not related to this post, but I just wanna post it here, but sorry for the bad resolution.


March 30, 2015

Who Doesn't Love Flowers?


How have you been? I hope you guys are doing good. Already back to post something on my blog, but here I don't have any special post just a little story about what inside my mind today because I have a great willing to write. But actually I don't know what exactly I wanna share, confused enough? Yes me too :(

Uhhhm okay, let's begin with my daily story. Still getting enthusiast on working, because I enjoy my job each days I love my job and feeling great all the time, but the bad story is when I have to realize that I don't have too much time to travel or hang out with my best friends, it's hard for me to see the pictures of my friends when they're on their vacation or just having dinner with their bf or gf, because since I've been working it's harder for me to meet my bf, kinda missing him everyday but hard to meet.

And guys, I wanna share some pictures of mine when I had my dinner with my mates in Paris Van Java Cafe Semarang. This is the loveliest cafe I've ever been this far, I love the decoration and design, feel cozy and comfortable, and the loveliest part is when this cafe surrounded by flowers decoration, because I love flowers soooo much.

Jl. Singosari Raya, Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50242
Phone         :(024) 8311938
Open Hours : 10:00am - 10:00pm

February 24, 2015

Just A Little Piece

How are you readers? It's been a long great time for me because I almost never visit my blog that I used to check everyday. Why did I say "great time'? I will tell you guys what kind of great time I have passed this far.

As I wrote in my previous post that I've been graduated and jobless, so I suddenly became a job seeker. I wrote the application letter, waited for the interview calling, did the interview, did some tests, waited again for the calling whether I was accepted or not. I applied to many companies with many job positions. At that time, I feel like I was hanging, waiting for a certainty of something. Until the day I was accepted working in a foreign company as a secretary. One more great time I learned is that it is REAL that earning money is not as easy as you ask for the money. You have to give all of your time and ability to get that money, even the working environment sometimes pushes you down, the people, the boss, even your own job desks, And sometimes the salary you get is not enough or worth it. But I know it is still a process, I work and I learn, it hurts me sometime, but it also motivates me to be a better me. So if you still ask for the money from your parents, think twice how do they get it, until the day it happens to you. I used to be like that anyway.

I passed a great time yet also good time, I don't know why I am surrounded with a lot of people whom teach me how to love and be loved, how to have a great patience, how to have a big heart to face something, how to have sincerity, yes they teach me a lot and I thank God because they make me grow better from yesterday.

Well, that's life! Sometimes we face a good time or bad times, happy or sad, laughter or tears, I enjoy my own life anyway!

And these are the old pictures I found on my laptop, when my friends and I visited a restaurant on the top of a mountain, it is Pondok Kopi, such a good place to enjoy the cold atmosphere. And then we had our dinner in River View Cafe, a cafe with Semarang view. Enjoy!