March 31, 2015


The weather of these days is so unpredictable here in my hometown, it's so damn hot in at day noon and suddenly becomes gloomy in the afternoon, nothing happens it becomes a sudden sweaty evening then becomes rainy at night. I don't know exactly why they weather can be so confusing like this.
Why I prefer to give "Unpredictable" title above? Because I'm gonna write about some unpredictable things here in my post, the unpredictable thing that sometimes make me confused, just like the weather I told you before.

Girls and women are those creatures who mostly use their feeling to face anything, what people always wonder is "do they have logic in their head?" Same like me, I'm a woman and I can't lie that I'm one of those women who probably doesn't have logic inside.
I always think for many times and ask myself "where is my logic? why should I face it by feeling?" keep asking that questions, but never find the answer.

Someone taught me to use the principle of 50:50, it means that we have 100% choices; 50% feeling and 50% logic, keep it balance to make a better life. 
I do know that all people; men and women are created with the same basic thing, so it is impossible that we (women) don't have any logic inside, it may depend on the way our environment raises us.

Even I don't know how to get my logic back, it's unpredictable thing that makes me confused and keeps asking myself all the time. So you guys, for all girls and women, please don't believe that we are weak, we just sometimes lose our logic because we have a bigger heart, but please don't forget to bring your logic!

Here I post a picture of my best girl and I, not related to this post, but I just wanna post it here, but sorry for the bad resolution.


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