December 8, 2014

Another HELLO

Hi fellas..
Oh it's been a very very very long time I never touch my blog site, I've been so lazy for blogging these days. So many stories and pictures I've not shared this far, and of course I miss blogging so much.
Anyway, I've finished my study in college. I've been graduated on October 18, 2014, and now I'm still busy looking for a job which I will enjoy, because actually I've been accepted to be a staff in a company, but seemed like I don't feel comfortable with the job I did, so I decided to resign and look for another job.
I'm thankful for all amazing people around me, family, best friends, boyfriend, they give me strength and motivation in every problem I face. I never know what will happen to me if I didn't have them in my life,
It's been almost Christmas, I'm so curious to welcome this Christmas day, I have prepared a lot of gifts for some special people, I decorate a Christmas tree, I make new Christmas dress, learning to cook some food, etc.

As I told on my previous posts before, that I do really love beach so much. I will never being bored with it, even I visited the same beach, I still love it. And yesterday I and my best mates visit a new beach in Gunungkidul Jogjakarta, because it's been holiday and we decided to have a trip together before we have our each holiday.

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