April 3, 2014

Go Down to the Street

Hi guys!

OMG it's been a very long time I didn't post anything here, kinda I started to forget that I have a blog, as I always tell you guys that I'm the busy girl. But actually I'm not really busy, cause I'd done my internship and there's no class anymore at college. Lately I prefer to go out with my friends, I almost spent my whole days with them everyday, that it made me forget to finish my final thesis, but it's not the main cause, my laptop was a little bit broken so I had to wait for a moment to fix it, even now it's still going gay anytime.

A couple weeks ago I had a new experience when I had m dance performances in a national television channel with another great dancers there, I'm so grateful for that new experience, it feels like I can make higher achievement, and I won't never stop, I'll make it more and more later.

I'm working on my final thesis right now, then I spare my time to post something on my blog because I really miss blogging after awhile. So here I post some photos with my friends, I change a boring evening by taking photos with them, fortunately I have those crazy close friends, so my days will never feel boring at all.

photos by: Dtri Eska

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  1. cool photos, especially for the jumping one :D



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