January 27, 2014

Life Begins After Coffee

It's been almost in the end of January and we're gonna start the second month of this new year. I really can't wait to start the next month, which people call Romantic Month, ahh whatever!
I'm still busy with my internship, I work 8 hours each day from Monday until Friday so a little bit hard for me to hang out with my friends, so I think it will be harder to play hard when I've been worked later.

Not really too much, but these days I feel so damn sad. Can you imagine when you love someone then you're too in love to let it go? That's what's happening to me right now. So I have a new friend, he's kind, sweet, gentle, and really good at dancing, a friend of mine introduced him to me a few weeks ago. And unconsciously we always chatted and hanged out everyday that we feel so comfortable each other. Until the day had come, he had to go back to his hometown, yes he came here just for a month to spend his holiday.
And one thing that makes me feel so pathetic is when he said that he can't come here again for unknown time because he will move abroad with his family.
Sounds so pathetic right? Yes I can't lie that I'm so feeling blue these days.

Okay, gonna share with you guys some photos of mine with my best friend. When we hanged out with our other 2 friends, they are photographers, so no need to lie that we would take a lot of photos there.
Here I wear my DIY lace top and also that black suede pump shoes from Adorable Projects ID

Photos taken by: @rirova and @detdott

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